Why You Need Neck Massage Therapy at Our Thornton, CO Salon

We offer various neck massage techniques that target deep tissue and trigger points for pain relief.
Why You Need Neck Massage Therapy at Our Thornton, CO Salon

Finding a salon in Thornton, CO, that offers massage services is easy, but that doesn’t mean they all provide the same caliber of service. At Intrepid Bodyworks, we have a team of professional therapists with more than 55 years of experience in helping people overcome pain. With a neck massage, you can once again enjoy the quality of life you want. 

Not only does this eliminate neck pain but a massage also improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles. A massage will also reduce stress and anxiety and headaches. As professionals in neck massage, we can help you achieve much-needed pain relief. Whether you suffer from pain due to an auto accident, sports injury, poor work-related posture, or even an odd sleeping position, a neck massage is a much better option compared to taking potentially harmful opioids.

We Offer Expert Massages for Neck Pain Relief

Sure, massages feel great and promote relaxation, but they also target areas with a lot of built-up tension. Using the appropriate technique based on your specific complaint, one of our licensed massage therapists can provide the benefit of enhancing your health by eliminating your pain. Just imagine, no more muscle aches, tight knots, and headaches. It all starts by scheduling a massage session for your neck pain.

We offer massages for neck pain caused by “frozen muscles.”  With this, a stiff neck intensifies to the point of leading to immobility and difficulty in doing activities. Massage loosens muscle and eliminates associated pain. At Intrepid Bodyworks, we also offer a massage that can release a pinched nerve. For many people, muscle tension and inflammation put pressure on a nerve in the neck, which causes significant pain.

Along with specialized massages for neck pain, we utilize some of the more traditional techniques. One of these is the Swedish massage. Using unique strokes, our therapist works to relax and lengthen muscles. As a result, your pain will diminish or go away altogether.

Stop Doing Online Searches for “Neck Massage Near Me”

If you’re tired of searching online for a “neck massage near me” but without finding a studio you feel comfortable with, you can stop. You can simply call Intrepid Bodyworks at 720-388-0439 to schedule a massage appointment at our Thornton, CO location. One of our skilled therapists can use massage to get rid of your pain and promote overall healing. For added convenience, we accept insurance for our different massage therapy techniques.

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Jimmy B.
I have seen all of the therapists at Intrepid Bodyworks and you can not go wrong here! Every time I am in I leave feeling better and the results last longer then anyplace else I have been. Customer for life!
Nate S
They did a good job of taking care of my concerns. For anyone wanting a no nonsense massage that actually helps you feel better, I would recommend this to anyone. They are not a spa so no need to question your masculinity for getting a massage. :)
Shannon D
Finally a place where I get money's worth. First elbow to my back, I knew it was going to be a good deep tissue massage. Mariah gave the most professional massage that I've ever received. Made an hour go by super fast.
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