Plantar Fasciitis Massage in the Thornton, CO, Area

The plantar fasciitis massage can help individuals suffering from foot pain from plantar fasciitis.
Plantar Fasciitis Massage in the Thornton, CO, Area

With over 55 years of experience in the industry, our massage services offer an excellent way to get a plantar fasciitis massage. We serve Northglenn, CO; Thornton, CO; Westminster, CO, and areas to the north of Denver. We are professionals specializing in the plantar fasciitis massage. This type of massage is for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, a painful condition affecting people who use their feet a lot – runners, people who stand on their feet all day for work, and hikers.

This condition causes pain in the heels and the arches of the feet, which is often the most painful in the morning. A massage for plantar fasciitis can greatly improve a person’s mobility and overall quality of life.

Getting a Massage for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

The need for plantar fasciitis treatment massage arises from the deep pain in the feet caused by this condition. The main risk factor of this condition is the overuse of the feet. It is believed that the three possible causes of it are flat feet, too tight calf muscles, and bone spurs.

The good news is the symptoms of this condition can be treated with a massage. By reducing pain in the feet, the individual’s mobility can be restored, and the discomfort can be reduced. There are several benefits of a plantar fasciitis treatment massage.

  • Promoting muscle relaxation – Because this type of massage targets the location of the pain, the muscles can become more relaxed. This is because the massage can help promote circulation in the area.
  • Relieving stress – A deep massage can also help relieve an individual’s stress. Being stressed causes the body to have more cortisol than normal, but after a massage, these levels can drop.
  • Improving circulation – A massage can help bring new blood flow to the area because the massage therapist is pressing the area deeply. This can help reduce inflammation and promote healing in the area.

Where Can I Find a Plantar Fasciitis Massage Near Me?

Massage therapy is an excellent way to help reduce the painful effects of plantar fasciitis. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a plantar fasciitis massage near me?”, you’ve come to the right place. Get a quality massage. Located in Thornton, CO, we serve Northglenn, CO, Westminster, CO, and other neighborhoods north of Denver.  

Our massage services are by appointment only. We do accept insurance. Give us a call at 720-388-0439 to schedule your quality massage today!

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Jimmy B.
I have seen all of the therapists at Intrepid Bodyworks and you can not go wrong here! Every time I am in I leave feeling better and the results last longer then anyplace else I have been. Customer for life!
Nate S
They did a good job of taking care of my concerns. For anyone wanting a no nonsense massage that actually helps you feel better, I would recommend this to anyone. They are not a spa so no need to question your masculinity for getting a massage. :)
Shannon D
Finally a place where I get money's worth. First elbow to my back, I knew it was going to be a good deep tissue massage. Mariah gave the most professional massage that I've ever received. Made an hour go by super fast.
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