What Are The Most Important Benefits Of Massage Therapy?

What Are The Most Important Benefits Of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is an exceptional way to provide a number of benefits to your body. Massage therapy is not the same as other types of massage, and it offers specific types of massage to relieve pain, reduce or eliminate headaches, reduce feelings of fatigue, assist in healing from injuries, and increase mobility throughout the body.

These common issues can be reduced and eliminated through massage therapy without the need for prescription or over-the-counter medications. This is also a therapeutic approach to treatment that can be done on anyone at any age.

Some of the most commonly reported benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Faster injury healing – for sports injuries or joint problems, massage therapy increases circulation, which helps the body to reduce inflammation naturally. Deep tissue massage is used to target specific areas of the body, restoring range of motion, enhancing performance, and improving the recovery rate.
  • Increased immune response – massage therapy is linked to increasing circulation and decreasing stress hormones in the body. Not only does this offset stress, but it reduces levels of cortisol in the body. This, in turn, allows the immune system to function more effectively, providing overall better health and wellness.
  • Reduce muscle tension and stress – through manipulation of the muscles, tension and stress are reduced throughout the body. The results are better sleep, reduced number of headaches, and the release of tension that is contributing to issues with chronic pain.
  • Deeper sleep – sleep is a critical component of healing. Through massage therapy, the body relaxes, stress hormone levels drop, and levels of the hormone serotonin increase, which helps to ensure a longer, deeper sleep without medication.

Massage therapy is used in conjunction with many types of rehabilitation and recovery programs. It is a highly effective way to restore your body and promote health and healing.